From concept to implementation and beyond

"The fast and ever changing growth in technology requires an integrated approach to engineering principles that defies conventional approaches towards Electrical Engineering."

Okusha Engineering has established itself as the leader in Protection Engineering by being able to provide a full in-house service for all power system needs.

Our engineering methods employ only the latest and most advanced technology coupled with highly qualified and experienced engineers ensuring consistency and accuracy of all projects taken on.



Okusha Engineering is responsible for the fault level calculation as well as the grading and settings for all thirteen of Eskom’s coal fired power stations, as well as Eskom’s peaking stations where Okusha Engineering is also implementing Arc flash analysis.

Okusha Engineering is contracted to assist with the protection maintenance of Eskom’s coal fired power stations.

Transformer Testing


Okusha Engineering has implemented Arc Flash Analysis at both the Port Elizabeth and Silverton factories, the first of its kind outside of Eskom, which is now the standard followed by Ford across the globe.

We specialise in Arc Flash Analysis, Protection Maintenance, Fault Level Calculation & Transformer Testing